[V7 version Radiomir series loading p

[V7 version Radiomir series loading p

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[V7 version Radiomir series loading p.3000 movement] panahai Radiomir series table. It has a diameter of 47mm, a thickness of 15.97mm, a Plexiglas crystal glass mirror, and a p.3000 manual chain movement. With the successful research and development of luminous coating, panahai has also made great strides in the design of watch case, from the onion crown of Radiomir model to the flat crown design in 1940, and later to improve the water resistance, and the invention of semicircular crown bridge in 1950's further established the classic status of panahai in contemporary watch design, which is also the recognition of panahai It is one of the most classic works of sports wristwatch, which is deeply rooted in people's hearts

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